A Foundation on The Fundamentals of Copywriting - Are You Lazy or Scared?

Copywriting Principles As Foundational and Core Knowledge

If you do not know the history of copywriting, it did not start with the internet and has been around for a hundred years. Once people first began using the internet for business reasons, it did not take long at all for copywriting to be used. So what does it take to become good at copywriting? When you first begin your education, you will be introduced to the basic principles of copywriting.

If you read about the copywriting greats from the past, you will see they were already involved with advertising or business in some way. Perhaps one of the best types of experience to have is direct sales such as door-to-door selling experience or even direct response advertising experience. What that will do for you is help you to empathize better with the reader, and being in the prospects shoes and knowing what they are feeling is powerful. Yes, you will be doing a lot of writing; so if you just hate to write then this may not be for you. So aim at becoming a good marketer if you want to become a great copywriter, because that's the only way you'll end up making genuine progress. In the end, the only thing that will ever sell anything are words, either written or spoken. People can quickly grow tired of reading adjectives and hype, and those devices have limited impact, anyway. Heavy use of either one is a natural tendency and mistake that has to be avoided. We cannot teach you how to write copy in one short article, and that is why you have to find a reputable teacher or company.

Copywriting is not like your regular writing where you take a direct and systematic approach. Be very careful that you do not confuse copywriting with artsy creative types of writing. You will need to remain within the boundaries of copywriting principles. Before you ever begin any piece of copy, you will need to figure out how you are going to frame and structure the entire piece. There is far more copywriting and business to this than using your highly creative mind, etc. As a copywriter, you must project confidence in all you do and especially your writing. Writing with clarity and organization will help the readers know it is they you are talking to at all times. The ultimate aim of any copy is to create a strong impact, appeal to the emotions of the reader and make them want to anonymous take the required action. So do not neglect doing the necessary research to find out who you are writing to. All you ever learn in the future will be built upon your knowledge of the core principles of copywriting.

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